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We have created the solution for coaches, scouts, and athletes. With our app, you’ll be able to analyze game films, with industry-standard technologies. Compare stats, with a social media style approach. Host virtual meetings, and even connect athletes with college coaches using our all-in-one platform. And this is just the beginning!

Our Features

Virtual Rooms

In our virtual rooms, coaches and students have the opportunity to communicate effectively and… Read more

Live Streaming

Open your team up to a wider audience through the Ticket to Greatness live streaming option… Read more


Through the Ticket to Greatness analytics, coaches can use data to better prep for games or matches… Read more

Team Messaging

The Ticket to Greatness team messaging feature ensures players and coaches are ready for their… Read more


With the Ticket to Greatness networking feature, there are no more unfair boundaries keeping… Read more

Film Share

Through the Ticket to Greatness film sharing feature, coaches can splice and share video with… Read more

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Improving your team’s morale is a vital part of success. Keeping them wanting more. Competition is part of sports so why not let them compete against each other. This is a new day and a new way! This is your Ticket2Greatness! So download your copy today!

Virtual Experiences

Ticket to Greatness virtual rooms are the best option to connect students, coaches, and recruiters. The virtual networking rooms allow for meetings of any size so coaches and athletes can huddle without restrictions. Book a virtual space to study film as a team or meet one-on-one with an athlete. And since you can join via video from any device, there are no longer barriers for recruiters to meet athletes for life-changing conversations.  You can communicate effectively, meet efficiently, and network extensively inside the Ticket to Greatness virtual rooms. 


Ticket 2 Greatness is the mobile app for coaches, athletes and recruiters to connect with no barriers from illness, injuries, travel restrictions, budgets or otherwise.

With the Ticket to Greatness virtual rooms, teams can huddle virtually or one-on-one with coaches when in-person gatherings aren’t possible. Plus, recruiters can also connect with coaches and athletes to build relationships when traveling to a school or sporting event isn’t possible.

Through the Ticket 2 Greatness live streaming option, coaches are able to expand their audience to anyone from around the world. This feature allows coaches to include more fans, recruiters, and even opt for a pay-per-view mode for fundraising.

The analytics delivered through Ticket 2 Greatness allow coaches and athletes to better prepare for sporting events; make better game-time decisions by examining real-time analysis of sporting events; and study the data post-play to identify and strengthen weak spots.

The Ticket 2 Greatness team messaging feature means better communication between players and coaches and adds a layer of accountability with built-in read receipts.

Ticket 2 Greatness eliminates unfair boundaries keeping athletes from moving to the next level. College recruiters are able to connect with coaches and students to build rapport, share advice, and scout talent via the T2G networking feature.

Sharing film and highlights has never been easier than with the Ticket 2 Greatness mobile app. With in-app editing, coaches and students can review and edit video with simple tools. Plus, the video can be shared outside the app or within our networking and virtual meeting options.