Virtual Rooms

In our virtual rooms, coaches and students have the opportunity to communicate effectively and efficiently via a video call through any device. The Ticket to Greatness virtual rooms provide limitless meeting space for your team to study film together or meet one-on-one. They also provide greeting networking opportunities and an option to meet when in-person gatherings aren’t possible.

Live Streaming

Open your team up to a wider audience through the Ticket to Greatness live streaming option. Through this feature, your fans can catch your game from anywhere. This means not only can friends and family watch their favorite players, scouts can catch your games with any travel barriers. Having the live streaming options also allows your organization to monetize games through a pay per view feature. Using the live streaming during practices also allows athletes and coaches to participate even if they can’t be there in person.


Through the Ticket to Greatness analytics, coaches can use data to better prep for games or matches and study critical areas for improvements. This option also allows for real-time analysis of your event to help you make better game-time decisions. Once the match is over, the team can use the analytics to break down game film and prepare for the next event.

Get Ticket2Greatness

Improving your team’s morale is a vital part of success. Keeping them wanting more. Competition is part of sports so why not let them compete against each other. This is a new day and a new way! This is your Ticket2Greatness! So download your copy today!

Team Messaging

The Ticket to Greatness team messaging feature ensures players and coaches are ready for their games. Through the messaging option, coaches can easily share meal plans, workout routines, and videos  with the entire team. And since there are built in read receipts, you will know when an athlete reads the messages and if they watched the videos you send. The team messaging feature is an extra layer of accountability.


With the Ticket to Greatness networking feature, there are no more unfair boundaries keeping athletes from moving to the next level. College recruiters are able to connect with coaches and students to build rapport, share advice, and scout talent. Similar to a social network, you can invite people to connect with you and vice versa. Within this feature, students can also create their own fan page to highlight their achievements.

Film Share

Through the Ticket to Greatness film sharing feature, coaches can splice and share video with fellow coaches and players to more efficiently student film.  Athletes can also utilize this feature to create their own highlight reels. All the videos created through the simple-to-use feature can be shared outside of the platform to maximize your reach and enhance the recruiting opportunities for your athletes.